North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans

North Pole Reform School

I absolutely loved this book, Jaimie Admans is a very talented author. I first met Jaimie when I was involved in a book tour for Not Pretty Enough and I really felt like I connected with the book, so I went online and bought all the other books I could get my hands on.

Opening this book I did not know what to think. Jaimie generally writes for Young Adults but this seemed a little younger, reading further I realised that this was simply the surrealist opening and it is in fact NOT a book for young children. Unless you want them to learn additions to their vocabulary! I loved this book and I’m 24 so it’s suitable for a range of ages, I’d say 15-16 at the youngest.

The story centres around a group of five people who hate Christmas and are responsible in some way for ruining it for someone else. They’ve been sent to the North Pole Reform School to learn the meaning of Christmas. (Don’t worry I haven’t told you anything you won’t find in the title or on the back!) and two of the characters; Mistletoe and Luke are the main focus. It’s a heart warming story and it nearly made me cry at a couple of points, this is not easily done!

I would definitely recommend this book for your Christmas read as it really is an experience. It’s very well written and well thought out along with a lot of humour and some heartbreaking moments. Jaimie Admans really has hit the nail on the head with this story.

Find the book here;

It’s only 79p right now so go and check it out!

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