Avon Gorge Hotel – Bristol, UK

avon gorge hotel

When I booked my room in Avon Gorge Hotel I knew it was going to be nice but honestly the pictures do not do it justice.

The entrance has two sets of automatic wooden doors opening in to a beautiful reception area. The the right is a reception desk with friendly staff who are happy to help, and to the left is a staircase with thick brown carpet which runs throughout the hotel, and a bar area with a dazzling menu.

I would love to go again when I can really enjoy Bristol, I only went for one night but I would have loved to stay longer, sample some of the food and have a proper look around Bristol. I would definitely choose Avon Gorge Hotel.

My room was gorgeous, not too big but not too small, a double bed which was really nice and firm, and an en suite with shower over bath. I had two huge white fluffy towels, two hand towels and a bath mat. I felt very much at home. It took me a minute to locate the tea tray which was hidden inside a cupboard on the desk but it was stocked with two packets of biscuits, tea, coffee and a sachet of hot chocolate.

We went down to the bar for a drink which actually wasn’t all that expensive, my friend and I both had spirit mixers and the bill was £4.90 which is really not expensive for a hotel bar. Unfortunately we’d both worked all day and travelled for hours so we called it a day and went up to bed. Snuggling into my double bed was absolutely lovely that night after such a long day!

In the morning we met for breakfast and went to the restaurant area, there were all kinds of things available for breakfast. Meat & Cheese, fruits, pain au chocolat, croissants, bread and cereals. Toast was brought to our table along with tea and coffee and then there was a breakfast bar with full cooked breakfast options. Something I don’t see very often on breakfast bars is Black Pudding. I think it’s probably because it has the potential to dry out and isn’t always the most popular item but Avon Gorge have it all. We very much enjoyed breakfast and I was sad to be leaving so soon.

I’ll definitely be back at Avon Gorge at some point and I’d recommend it to anybody wanting to stay in Bristol.

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