Sankarea By Mitsuru Hattori


I really enjoyed this Manga, it’s the first book in a series which I will definitely be reading more of!

The book is centered around our two main characters, a boy from the Shiyoh High School and Rea, the daughter of the principle of Sanka Girls Academy. It starts off as Mangas very often do, introducing the schools, classmates and the obligatory too close for comfort relation. In this case the boy, Chihiro’s cousin.

With nods to Fulci, Argento and Romero, this book highlights the best of the Zombie genre and will grip you from start to finish.

Chihiro has always felt an emotional connection to zombies and when his cat dies he discovers a way he may be able to bring him back. Rea comes in to the story when Chihiro discovers that her life may not be so perfect after all…

I won’t go any further in to the story because I don’t want to spoil it, what I’ve said so far is nothing you won’t find on the back of the book but I do suggest reading this series.

You can get the book here and it’s available on both kindle and paperback;

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