Slasher by Iain Rob Wright


This book had me groaning from beginning to end. It’s cliché after painful cliché and definitely much lower quality than Mr Wright’s previous work.

The book is about an escaped serial killer, so obviously he has to have had a problematic childhood and mother issues, this is the problem with books about serial killers. We can’t possibly admit that a killer is human. We can’t seem to compute the idea of another human being having sadistic inclinations and a blood lust.

The fact is that very few people can honestly say they’ve never had a violent thought. The difference does not have to be abuse or problems in childhood, it doesn’t have be mummy or daddy issues, the difference between us and killers is sometimes simply restraint.

Moving on through the story, a purple back pack is found. This instantly means that the owner is female (obviously, because Men are not allowed to own anything that’s purple). The story has these little gems which are just irritating, not creative. It’s a bit like saying that a mickey mouse backpack is definitely owned by a boy, whilst a minnie mouse backpack is a girl’s. Well I owned an Action Man and several toy cars as a child so make of that what you will.

We have to have the obligatory “oh no the radios broken and we have no mobile signal”. The book feels like it should be a parody but it’s not, things are done in this book that would just never happen in a million years. Things like a specialist police unit sending out a rookie to bring in a very dangerous killer. Things like the two officers who are sent to recover said killer being given hand guns – in England. I think the author may have watched one too many X-Files! The best thing being that the rookie who has been sent out has managed to get out on the field in a suit with no body armour. Once again, no!

I don’t really see where the author is coming from with this book, I think it’s quite simply a marketing ploy for the other books which this set of idiot characters are part of, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t buy those other books after reading this one.

There are many things I actually haven’t mentioned here and I’m stopping before I do. However, as I always say, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t want to give it a whirl so I won’t spoil the book for you. If you do want to read it you can find it here;

In all honesty, I’d check out his earlier books because they’re a hell of a lot better.

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2 Responses to Slasher by Iain Rob Wright

  1. what a wonderfully brutal and honest review!! the points you mention are very true! and I like the fact that you mention this author IS good. glad to have found your blog!

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