China Red – The Moor, Sheffield City Centre

China Red

My partner and I visited China Red recently on our way to see Circus of Horrors perform at Sheffield City Hall. We chose this restaurant because we hadn’t eaten there before, we did go in once but we were with a vegetarian and they didn’t have anything she could eat.

On arrival we were greeted by a waiter and shown to our seats, he asked if we’d been there before and then proceeded to explain that the dishes they serve are very traditional Chinese dishes and that if there was anything we needed explained then just to ask.

I ordered the Stewed Pigs Feet in Beer, my partner ordered the Frogs Legs in Black Bean Sauce and we both had steamed rice. The waiter looked extremely nervous when I ordered the Pigs Feet and explained to me that it didn’t have any meat, you just eat the skin off of the bones and I said I’d try it anyway.

I have to say they were actually really delicious. A few people I’ve told since have said they couldn’t try it and that it sounded horrible, but tell me the difference between that and eating chicken skin or pork crackling?

The frogs legs were really nice too, I can see where people are coming from when they say they taste like chicken because it is a similar texture but, they have their own flavour which is really tasty. They’re a little hard to eat due to being so bony but it is worth it.

I have to say that both sauces were really nice and not what you’d usually expect. They weren’t greasy sauces, the sauce on mine was obviously more of a spiced gravy with it being a stew and the black bean wasn’t thick or sticky and it had a reddy colour to it. The taste was very mild but very tasty.

The service was brilliant, the waiter was attentive but not annoying and came to offer us more rice or drinks around halfway through our meal. The price was not bad at all considering what we ordered and the both dishes were generously sized.

I will definitely be going again as I have to try the Intestines, which I’m sure will make my friends cringe when I say I’ve had, but what is the point of saying you like Chinese Food if you’re not going to try the traditional dishes?

I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant, however, please be aware that you will see some interesting dishes on the menu! There are also some “safer” options if you don’t feel too adventurous.




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