The Handmade Burger Company – Meadowhall, Sheffield.

Handmade Burger Co

I was recently treated to a meal at Handmade Burger Company in Meadowhall, Sheffield by my Mother. We decided to give it a go as we’d looked a few times and never had the chance. Plus, from just looking at the menu it looked really quite pricey for what it was.

We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by a lovely, polite and bubbly young girl who gave us a menu to look at whilst we waited for a table. As soon as one became available she seated us, gave a brief explanation of the menu and what the special was and then left us to it.

It was a difficult choice, there is an array of burgers on the menu and we were absolutely spoilt for choice. In the end we decided on a Stuffed Mozerella and Chilli burger for me and a Peppered Beef burger for Mum. We had a bowl of chips each and a bowl of their home made coleslaw to share between us.

Whilst this restaurant does look pricey, let me just mention, everything is fresh and everything is home made. The chips we had were proper hand cut chips which were twice fried and not greasy at all, the coleslaw was fresh and also incorporated red pepper. I’ve never had red peppers in coleslaw before but that along with the fresh taste of home made slaw really was delicious! The burgers were to die for, again they were not greasy and the bits of beef which broke off were clearly minced beef and not processed to death plastic patties!

My burger was topped with red chilli salsa and slices of green chilli plus a skewered red chilli stuck on top for artistic license. It is rare that I order something which I think will be spicy and actually get spice! This was gorgeous, and here’s the important part; when I left, my mouth felt clean! I wasn’t bogged down with grease and I didn’t feel bloated.

If you’re out for a burger I highly recommend this restaurant, they do bottomless drinks and the staff are so friendly and polite. It’s refreshing to go somewhere and feel like the staff are pleased to see you!

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