Day 3 PK Hrezo Week – Review of Induction Day

Induction Day

Induction Day is the second book in the Butterman Time Travel Series, in this book we follow Bianca on her much awaited Induction Day but it’s not quite as she’d planned.

Following on from the previous book Bianca is now Tristan’s girlfriend and the press have not missed the opportunity to exploit that fact. So with the media now following the couple’s every move and hover cams flying around in their faces they have to face life in the spot light for a while.

I’m not telling you any more than that because I don’t want you to think you’ve read everything you need to know. I would completely recommend this series whether you’re a Time Travel fan or not. If you’re in to romance there is something in them for you, if you’re in to time travel then you’ll enjoy it too. The science behind Butterman Time Travel is mentioned a lot and I’m amazed to see that Hrezo has not compromised this science in any of the three books. They’re all singing from the same sheet and that is amazing. Many authors get mixed up with their continuity with much simpler storylines than this one!

Hrezo’s characters have a depth to them that means you feel like you know them. To me these were real, living, breathing people between the pages telling me their story. I was hooked, I’ve nearly missed a great many bus stops and it always seems to be a good bit when I’m having to put the book down. I picked up this particular book in an evening when I was sitting at home and read from the 50% mark to the end before even moving for a drink! It felt almost like I didn’t blink during my reading session too.

I do think I may have developed an unhealthy obsession with Bianca’s life, I’ve devoured the three books in a very short space of time and absolutely loved the ride! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book but it hasn’t even been written yet so I’m waiting on something completely unknown now! It’s very very exciting!

I certainly recommend reading these books, I’ve really enjoyed them and I’ll certainly be reading more PK Hrezo in the future.

If you’d like to get this book it can be found here;

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One Response to Day 3 PK Hrezo Week – Review of Induction Day

  1. pk hrezo says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my series this week, Rebbie. ❤

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