Patisserie Valerie – Sheffield City Centre

Patisserie Valerie

I met my Mum for a girly day out pottering around town and looking for some bits for her holiday, having galivanted around Fargate we decided it was time to grab some breakfast and went to Patisserie Valerie where we both had an Americano and a Croque Madame.

Upon entry to the Patisserie we were seated quickly by a waitress and given time to look at the menu, all of the staff were smiling and happy to help and the entire room just gleamed. It’s brightly lit and filled with french artwork and mirrors. A very classy place to grab a bite to eat.

The menu offers many options and there’s an array of tarts and gateaux to choose from if you’re after something naughty.

Now for anybody who is not familiar with a Croque Madame, this is in essence a really posh cheese and ham toastie. It’s an Emmental and ham sandwich topped with bechamel sauce and a poached egg and is served with a salad garnish and vinaigrette.

This was really tasty, it’s not greasy at all and somehow leaves your mouth feeling clean when you’ve finished.

I would definitely recommend Patisserie Valerie to anybody as it’s so nice to be served by staff who seem to want you to be there and is a breath of fresh air from the whole coffee shop scene.

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