Tang Chinese Restaurant – London Road, Sheffield.

Tang London Road

I visited Tang on London Road in Sheffield with my boyfriend recently as we had seen an extensive menu including stomach, feet, intestine, and other safer sounding dishes for those of you who just nearly passed out mid-read!

When we got in there the waitress immediately asked us what we’d like to drink, this was before I was sitting on my seat and before we’d looked at anything. We decided after a very brief look at the drink menu that the waitress was not likely to be moving any time soon so we ordered a pot of tea.

We then turned our attention to the menu in front of us which was rather disappointing after the one which had enticed us in. There was still ample choice but it felt like it was made for the British tastes. I realise that we’re in Sheffield and they have to work to the market they have, but there is a dense population of Chinese students in that area that they could be serving if they were confident enough to serve their authentic menu.

We ordered soup to start, my boyfriend ordered the Seaweed and Egg Soup and I ordered the Chicken and Sweetcorn in Egg Soup. Both dishes were surprisingly deep and very enjoyable. We usually swerve the soups when we eat out but I will definitely be trying out more Chinese soups. In all honesty the soup and tea would have probably been plenty for lunch but we had ordered more.

Out came our main courses whilst we were still trying to eat our soup. Now I have noticed that the tables with Chinese customers on tend to have food piled all over so they can have whatever they like but if the table isn’t big enough then it isn’t big enough! We rearranged everything so that we could finish our soups and then go on to our mains. Unfortunately my main course was served in a metal dish with a burner underneath to keep it hot which meant by the time I got to it, it had welded itself to the dish.

Even so both mains were delicious, these were, Chicken in Three Cups Chinese Sauce and Mixed Meat in Sauce along with a sharing dish of steamed rice.

My only issues with the mains were that the Chicken was full of bone which it never mentioned and gave me a huge surprise when I enthusiastically took a chunk and bit it, and the rice was quite dry. It didn’t seem like freshly steamed rice but more like it had sat for a while.

When it came to be time to pay I noticed 20% had been deducted from our bill which was a lovely surprise. I had seen a banner saying there was 20% off but I had assumed this was for students. Unfortunately however I did have to run to a cash point as the staff had neglected to mention the card machine was out of order.

I did enjoy my meal at Tang’s but upon reflection I don’t think I’d go again. Whilst the food was nice it’s nothing I couldn’t get in that area and there are restaurants who do it better. There was only two tables in there with customers on and the staff looked extremely bored when we first walked in (we were the only customers at that point) I think if Tang’s want to stay on London Road they really need to up their game. There is such a market right now for Chinese food and Culture and they’re not taking advantage of it at all.

In short, serve the menu you’re advertising and be more confident. You’d be surprised what a difference it could make.

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