The Somnibus by Craig McGray


The Somnibus is one of those books that I had in my pile and had absolutely no idea of what to think of it before I read it and for that reason I wasn’t desperate to read it. As soon as I started the book I found that it had a really original storyline, not only is it original, but it’s interesting! There are far too many books out there now where the story is so dull that you force yourself through it just to get the action at the end, it’s so refreshing to get an interesting one.

Not only do you have the excellent story line but there’s action throughout the whole book. There’s obviously more action going on toward the end of the book but for me, this is really well thought out.

McGray clearly has a talent and I believe that he will be able to write more books and improve on his already fabulous technique as he writes more.

The Somnibus features not only tragedy and heartbreak, but friendship, romance and action. The main character, Michael goes through a transition throughout the book and it’s really interesting to see the character go through some very human emotions and changes. I think that McGray has really hit the nail on the head with his characters and I’d love to see who else he can create.

This book is currently with a publisher and will be re-released very soon and I for one can’t wait to see the polished up version.

Please show your support and give this book a go, I think it would suit a variety of readers and even if you decide you don’t like it, how will you know if you haven’t read it?

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