Novotel – Arundel Gate, Sheffield

Facade Jour

My Mother and I recently visited the Novotel on Arundel Gate in Sheffield for a Swim and Afternoon Tea for Two which I picked up on Amazon Local.

We had booked to go the day of the Marathon which we hadn’t realised so I was really pleased that we got a call from the Hotel to warn us that the car park would be closed that day. When the day came we were able to park elsewhere and walk up to the hotel so it wasn’t too bad.

On arrival at the Hotel there was an unhappy guest checking out, she was telling the girl on the counter that her room was unacceptably dirty and needed maintenance, this went on for a little while as the girl seemed unsure as to how to handle the situation. Another member of staff advised her to get the manager and the guest left.

We were next so we stepped up and told the girl that we had come for the afternoon tea and swim, she handed us a clean towel each and a key to the pool area. This was when it got interesting..

As we arrived at the pool area we first noted that the pool was very small, and not quite what we expected but we headed into the changing area determined to enjoy ourselves. Once inside the changing area we quickly noticed a clear glass shower enclosure, a small room with a toilet and sink, and 5 lockers. The main door didn’t have a lock so we were a little nervous that someone would walk straight in whilst we were getting changed, especially as the men’s changing room was just next door!

Once changed we locked our things in a locker, the key unfortunately didn’t have a pin or anything attached to it so we put the keys on a small table at the side of the pool. There was a sign on the wall saying to shower before getting in to the pool so we fiddled with that for a while before getting in to the pool only to find it did boiling hot water or nothing. Once in the pool we discovered that it was freezing cold and it took a little while for us to adjust.

We then decided to try the steam room, which was completely devoid of steam and wasn’t particularly warm. Going back to the pool we saw that a man had come in to swim, he walked up and down the pool three times with a bemused look on his face and then left. I’m guessing it wasn’t quite what he expected.

After an hour we decided that we really didn’t need two hours to swim and went to get warm and dry ready for our Afternoon Tea. My Mother decided to try the shower to wash her hair and found that it wasn’t very warm and it stopped all together when the toilet was flushed. So that was the end of that!

We went upstairs and were greeted by a lovely Polish lady who served us our unlimited Tea and brought out our food. Everything was lovely and the lady couldn’t do enough for us, she was an absolute gem! A lovely end to an otherwise questionable experience.

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