Cafe Rouge – Sheffield City Centre.

cafe rouge

My Mother and I recently visited Cafe Rouge on the morning of the Sheffield Half Marathon prior to another engagement. We were just looking for somewhere to sit and relax for a moment having battled our way into town past various road closures and no redirection signs. (A very badly planned event this year!)

A young lady came over to take our order after giving us enough time to take a look at the menu and we both had an Americano and Croquembouches with Chocolate Sauce, they were very indulgent, served warm alongside the chocolate sauce it a delicious start to our relaxation day.

I haven’t very often been in to Cafe Rouge as I thought it was really expensive but the prices didn’t seem too bad and there are some nice looking items on the menu so I’ll have to look at going again to try some other things.

The staff were nice and attentive although busy. The only thing I would say is that a member of staff knocked into my chair (quite hard) and didn’t apologise and another leaned over me to get something rather than asking for help or asking me to move (or even leaving it until I finished and left).

I’m sure this is not usual and just one of those things but it doesn’t make a place look amazing from a customer point of view.

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