Thida Thai Cuisine – York

Thida Thai

Whilst in York you should definitely head to this beautiful Thai Restaurant. The decoration is lovely and the staff are very friendly and happy to help.

I asked a few questions about the dishes before placing my order and refreshingly the waitress was able to answer them all. I was even warned that the dish I chose was very spicy, now this isn’t a problem for me as I like spicy food, however I know people who couldn’t have eaten it and that would have spoilt their experience so they’re definitely doing the correct thing by warning people.

We had the Thai Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Chicken Pandan, Pad Chai and Jasmine Rice.

The Thai Fish Cakes were lovely, they were seasoned just right and they had a very meaty texture. I’ve tried a few of these fish cakes and now and again you try some which are a bit too squishy. These were spot on.

Chicken Pandan is chunks of marinated chicken breast wrapped in pandan leaves and cooked. It’s served with soy sauce and sesame seeds. The nice thing about cooking things wrapped in leaves is that all of the moisture stays locked in the meat.

Pad Chai was the spicy dish, we both liked the look of it so we both had the same thing. It comprises of Mussels (in half shell) King Prawns (with tail) Squid and fish in a spicy sauce with vegetables. If you don’t like spicy sauce or lemongrass then don’t order this dish.

We really enjoyed our meal and we had a bottle of wine with it. Unfortunately whilst the deserts looked good we were far too full to have any.

Now for the sad news, we think we witnessed a dine and dash. There is never a good reason to dine and dash and it must be horrible for the people working. If you don’t enjoy your meal then tell a member of staff, even refuse to pay, but don’t be a pathetic wimp about it by walking out unnoticed. The couple had complained about a starter they ordered not being cooked, now I didn’t see their food but I had the same starter and mine was perfect. Their main course must have been nice because they both polished that off but without a word they got up and left. The waitress came out of the Kitchen looking shocked and the Chef looked out of the window looking very unimpressed.

My main course was cooked so well I ate it all – Including the squid which I never eat because I don’t like it!

I would recommend this restaurant to anybody who likes Thai Food.

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