The Golden Fleece – Lunch in York

Golden Fleece

We recently visited the Golden Fleece in York for a drink and a bite to eat. Now before I say anything I would like to say it is a beautiful pub with lovely staff. However, I did find it quite expensive for Drinks. We ordered two pints and found it cost over £7. Now I realise that York is in general a lot more expensive but we found this pub was the most expensive place we drank at.

I would definitely say that you should go to this pub, but be aware that it is not a cheap night out. It does have some very nice Real Ales however and does a fantastic lunch.

We had our drinks and then went through to the back room where they serve the food. For £26.00 we got a Steak and Stilton Pie with chips and peas, a Homemade Burger topped with Chilli with chips and salad and a Pint of Hobgoblin. In contrast the the expensive drinks the food menu is actually very fairly priced and to be fair it is worth every penny.

The steak in the pie just melts in the mouth and there is just the right amount of stilton to add to the flavour without dominating the whole thing. The burgers are made with chunky bits of onion in and the Chilli was flavourful, if not particularly spicy.

I very much enjoyed my meal and I will definitely be back to try out some other meals there. It is a highly recommended pit stop when having a day out in York!

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