Little Hanoi – London Road, Sheffield

Little Hanoi

After spending the day in the sun I met my Fiancé from work and we decided to try Little Hanoi, already having a favourite Vietnamese Cafe we had been putting off trying this place because we weren’t sure what it would be like and it seemed to be quiet when we passed.

Don’t let appearances put you off, this place might not always be packed to the rafters but it’s clean, the staff and friendly and the food is refreshing.

We went for the Vietnamese Special Chicken Salad, Crispy wokked noodles with Seafood, an orange juice and a coconut juice.

It was all really lovely, when Little Hanoi say seafood they really mean it! The noodles came with King Prawns, Prawns, Mussels, Squid and Octopus (we think – it had suckers and tentacles) the Chicken Salad was really lovely and flavourful, although when it first came I thought I had made a mistake because it was all very pale at the side of the other dishes and looked a little bland.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the salad, it was bursting with flavour and it really cooled me off on a hot day.

There are some really nice touches to the place as well, they brought us prawn crackers whilst we waited for our main meals and afterwards they brought a small plate of watermelon to finish off. This was an excellent touch because not only does it finish the meal off nicely but I absolutely love watermelon!

We finished off with a Vietnamese Ice Coffee each (a word to the wise, order this early as it takes some time to filter!) and the grand total came to £25.10 which I think is really very reasonable for all of that!

Here are some pictures if I haven’t convinced you yet…

IMG_20150704_144513399_HDR     IMG_20150704_144509637_HDR


I would definitely recommend Little Hanoi if you’re in Sheffield and wanting a refreshing and tasty meal at an affordable price!

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