The Golden Fleece – Hotel, York

Golden Fleece

The Golden Fleece is known as one of England’s most haunted sites, it’s featured on TV’s Most Haunted and holds a lot of history.

It seems to be a very small pub when you first walk in, however this is just the front bar, if you walk down the side of the bar you’ll see a staircase on the left which leads up to the accommodation. There are only four rooms you can stay in at the pub; Lady Peckett’s Yard, The Shambles, St Catherine’s and The Minster Suite.

The prices are;

Lady Peckett’s Yard (Kingsize) – £100 per night

The Shambles (Four Poster) – £130 per night

St Catherine’s (Twin) – £100 per night

The Minster Suite (Four Poster) – £130 per night

We stayed in Lady Peckett’s and the first thing I noticed as we went in (well, after watching my 6 foot 4 Fiance get through the very small door (giggle)) was that the floor is really sloped. This is simply due to the age of the building, however the amusing thing is that if I walked into any other hotel room to find that I’d be gutted! Funny how things are acceptable in certain situations! The en-suite bathroom was very new in contrast with the bedroom but had an amazing power shower! I loved that.

The only problems really I found with our stay were that we were under the impression that the pub downstairs closed at 23:30, this was not unfounded, on check in we were told that if we returned to the premises any later that half past eleven then we would need to use our key on the main pub door. Which if I am not mistaken means the punters will have gone and all will be quiet. What actually happened was that we had to go to sleep with the TV on to drown out the singing, shouting and banging that the punters were doing until gone midnight!

The other thing was that there was mould under the bedroom window, I brought this to the staff’s attention and they promised to go and look at it. It wasn’t a huge amount and was clearly due to the age and state of the building but I felt they should be aware.

This said, they can do food! Our Full English breakfast was lovely, we got lots of beans, some white & brown toast, 2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 1 fried egg, tomato, mushrooms and black pudding. It was absolutely lovely and saw us through the rest of the day until around 4pm.

The staff are very nice and welcoming and the service is not bad, however due to there only being one bar man serving when we went we did have to wait to check in.

I would recommend visiting the Golden Fleece but I do think that their prices are a little steep. I didn’t really feel that our stay was worth £100 for the night due to the noise and the upkeep of the room. That being said whilst there was mould present it was otherwise very clean, but I’m mildly asthmatic and that’s quite a health hazard for anyone with worse asthma.

All in all a beautiful pub with friendly staff and I can now say I’ve slept there. I think I would only go back as things stand for the pub as opposed to accommodation but I enjoyed the experience.

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