I Don’t Like You At All Big Brother by Kusano Kouichi

I Dont Like You at all Big Brother

I first discovered this series as it’s Anime counterpart “Oniichan No Koto” and having enjoyed watching most of the series we stumbled across the Manga Books in Sheffield Space Center.

I’ve very much enjoyed reading the Manga and I’ll tell you why, the artwork is brilliant and really brings across the mood of the scene. The Anime series is exact to the Manga so there’s nothing to pull it up with the storyline (as far as I’ve noticed).

I like the Characters in this Manga. The story centers on Nao and Shusuke Takanashi, brother and sister. Nao has a fixation on her older brother Shusuke, and he is sex obsessed and adores his porn. It’s a brilliant story which is extremely taboo but very entertaining!

Alongside our main characters we have;

  • Iroha Tsuchiura, a young girl who is in love with Shusuke and in direct competition with Nao, Iroha moved away as a little girl and returns in book 2 to claim her man.

  • Hirono Kusuhara and Hasuka Kato are Nao’s school friends and can usually be found close by.

  • Shuji and Nanaka Takanashi are Nao and Shusuke’s Parents.

There are of course plenty more characters to get to know, however it would take all day to discuss them all here, I suggest you give the manga a chance and get to know everybody yourself.

I really enjoyed this Manga and will definitely be reading more of it and watching the Anime too! Although they are the same it doesn’t hurt to explore all of the options as the work put into creating them has certainly not gone unnoticed.

Grab your copy here;


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