ChaoBaby – Meadowhall, Sheffield


WOW Baby! This food is amazing! The atmosphere is lovely although it would have added to that if it was a little more closed off from the general Meadowhall noise below us in the Oasis.

As we approached the buffet like we were a little uneasy as to just how good this food was likely to be. Usually people will make allowances for buffet food being a little cold and overcooked because that’s just what you expect when food has been left for self service. This food however was amazing, everything was kept in covered pans and everything tasted fresh. We paid under £12 a head and I would definitely visit again. This is hands down the best Thai food I’ve eaten in Sheffield.

Going along the buffet line you can have salads and soup for starters, moving along to a whole host of Thai curries and stews and finishing up at a little cart with fruit, cakes, jellies and sauces for desert.

All of the meats on the buffet are unbelievably tender, I didn’t even need to cut the stewed beef, it tore easily when I pushed my fork in to it.

I would definitely visit ChaoBaby again, the staff are friendly and welcoming, the atmosphere and decoration is beautiful and the food had me going up for more and more. I tried everything but the soup, and that’s only because I hadn’t realised there was soup until I had gorged on the Stewed Beef (which I thoroughly recommend!)

Do not pass up an opportunity to visit this restaurant, it’s fabulous value for money and it’s absolutely delicious!

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