Sankarea 2 by Hattori Mitsuru

Sanka Rea 2

If you haven’t read the first volume of Sankarea go and do that now because there will be spoilers!

The second volume of Sankarea follows on pretty much where the last one left us, with Rea in a state of rigor mortis. The story is just as good as the first volume and continues in the vein in which it began. Rea’s Father is looking for her with his own somewhat misguided interpretation of “protection” and Chihiro has stuck to his word of taking care of her.

I would definitely recommend continuing with this series, although if you’ve read the first book then I’m sure you’ll be wanting to anyway! I love the concept of this series and it’s something a little different from the other Mangas I’ve read. This has heavy handed hints to horror greats and is really well done. I love the artwork and the characters have a certain depth which is sometimes difficult to bring across in a Manga.

Definitely read this series, you’d be mad not to. They’re not that expensive and they don’t take long to read. Personally I love Reanimator by HP Lovecraft and I love the film with Jeffrey Combs so when I picked up this Manga and saw nods toward the film I fell in love there and then.

Any zombie OR manga fan should read this!

Get the Book!

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