The Red Lion – The Square, Bakewell

The Red Lion

We’ve now been to The Red Lion in Bakewell twice and both times it’s been lovely. The staff are great and the atmosphere is lovely. Something which many pubs seem to lack nowadays as more and more become chains.

Inside the pub is comfortable and quite rustic, you can either sit in the restaurant section or the tap room. We chose the tap room for our first visit and had only planned to have a few drinks but decided to stay on and have some food after a cursory glance at the menu. I tried the Derbyshire Oatcake with cheese and ham which is brilliant if you just want a light lunch. It’s not small but it doesn’t sit heavily either. My Fiance went for the Bacon and Brie quiche with salad and he really enjoyed that, he said the only thing that could have improved it really was if the quiche was served warm.

We very much enjoyed the pub and decided we would definitely be back for more.

Two weekends on and we were back. This time we sat out in the beer garden as we weren’t sure how well my sister would get on inside due to her being in a wheelchair, plus it was a really sunny day so it was nice to be out in the sunshine. She did eventually go inside and she didn’t have any issues getting around. This time we tried the Pulled Pork Burger which was lovely, the burger was flavourful and not at all dry and the chips are lovely. My Fiance went for the fish and chips which he very much enjoyed and my sister went for cheesy chips and a breadcake to make a butty.

We all left with very satisfied bellies and the visit didn’t break the bank because the drinks are really fairly priced.

One thing my Sister did comment on whilst we were there is how hospitable the staff were when she needed to speak with them.

Many thanks to all the Red Lion staff, we’ve also just realised the pub is a B&B so we might even be back to sleep over some time!

If you’re in Bakewell and fancy some pub grub done right, visit the Red Lion for your meal time pit stop!

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