Annie’s Room by Amy Cross

Annies Room

Annies Room is a ghostly thriller which explores the lives of two different girls named Annie, 71 years apart.

The book flips between the lives of the two Annies from chapter to chapter. I found this was a really good way of linking the stories together whilst keeping them in their own eras. A lot of this story is quite predictable, but it’s still a good read and despite the fact you know what is likely to happen it’s still very gripping in places.

There is a twist at the end which personally I guessed before I got to it, but that’s not to say everybody will. Again at this point the fact you’d already guessed it doesn’t detract from the story at all because you’re waiting for it to happen so you create your own suspense.

I find that many of Amy’s books seem very much like screen plays in that you don’t get that much description. I can see how a lot of her work would be fantastic as a visual and it does read like that’s how it’s intended. I can only imagine how frightening Amy’s work could be if it had the description and suspense written in. It would make the book much longer so could be seen as padding I suppose, but I do think it would add to many of her works.

My only gripe really with this book is the amount of errors, the book was free when I got it so I suppose I can’t moan too much but it does bring me out of the story when I notice words that are wrong.

I would recommend this for a nice easy to read ghost story, but be aware that there is domestic violence in it so if you’re easily upset by that then it might not be for you.

If you’d like to get the book click here

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