Leaves for Chloe

This is the second “Leaves” book by Pat Elliot and this time the story is told from Chloe’s point of view. Having seen what came of her best friend Anna’s leaf reading she decides to have her leaves read to see what’s in store for her.

These are really nicely written books, the character development is good and you do find yourself rooting for certain characters.

I see a lot of the author is in character Barb, this is only really how I imagine the author because I don’t personally know her and have never met her. However from what I do know and from her general character when we have exchanged words I get the Barb vibe.

This book tugged on my heart strings a lot, so I’m either going soft in my old age or it’s written in such a way as to soften up even the iciest hearts. I’m not typically a girly book kind of person, but I am really enjoying the Leaves series. I’ve got quite attached to some of the characters, funny enough not the main ones! My favourites are Barb and Angus. I do find Chloe a little bit annoying, even now that she’s trying to put the jealous, selfish persona behind her. She’s just a little bit needy. That being said, the events in this book would probably reduce me to a jibbering wreck, so being a bit needy is kind of okay.

Angus is an easy going Scottish tour guide who first met Chloe along with her best friend Anna in book one after Anna finds herself on a lucky streak whilst on holiday in Edinburgh.

Barb is an older lady who knows Anna through her mother. She’s an aromatherapist and tea leaf reader. Barb comes across as a very wise soul who has been there and seen it all and she sees people for what they really are.

I found no problems with this book, it’s wonderfully written and there are no typing errors, which really relaxed me because I’ve got so used to having to pick through a minefield of miss-spellings and wrong words since I’ve been reading Kindle books. Unfortunate as it is there just aren’t that many authors who will properly edit or proof read anymore.

In short, I would recommend this series as they are very enjoyable. Be aware though that if you are the type to cry at anything, you will be roaring by the end of this book.

If you’d like to read this book, please click here

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