Browns Brasserie and Bar – St Pauls Chambers, 8-12 St. Pauls Parade Sheffield.


“Unmistakably British, Undeniably Special”

I was recently lucky enough to have the opportunity to eat at Browns with my co-workers as a late Christmas Party and I absolutely loved it!

Devastatingly I got ahead of myself when the food came out and completely forgot to take photographs so I can’t show you my meal (I know! I know! I’m rubbish!)

I can however tell you that Browns is a beautiful bar and the service is second to none. Our server that evening was called Amelia and she was absolutely wonderful. She appeared whenever we needed her without crowding us, ran around tirelessly fetching drinks and food and always had a smile on her face. When I asked about the “Carpaccio of Smoked Duck” she even produced a photograph for me!

For starter I had the “Pulled Pork and Pigs Cheek Rillettes” which for those who haven’t ever had it it’s a little pot of what is basically a very course pate served with toast. It’s very tasty. I’ve always wanted to try Cheek so that was my moment and whilst I wanted to try other starters too I stuck with that.

My coworkers also had marvellous things to say about the Soup of the Day which that day was Spiced Carrot and Parsnip, the Prawn Cocktail, Stuffed Beef Tomato and Devilled Mushrooms.

For my main I had Lamb Cutlets (cooked pink) with Shepherds Pie. Now I wasn’t going to have that. I was going to avoid it and have something a bit “posher” because Shepherds Pie is such a homey meal. NOT SO! HAVE THE SHEPHERDS PIE! Oh my goodness this is the best Shepherds Pie in the world! It’s made with pulled shoulder of lamb, a beautiful gravy and minted pea mash. I was so pleased I had tried it and I could have eaten it all over again. In fact, the pie was so popular five of us had it! (8 people attended)

My other coworkers have praised their dishes as well saying they were just as beautiful, these were; “BBQ Glazed Short Rib of Beef”, “The Browns Burger with Pulled Pork” and “The Browns Burger with Peppered Goats Cheese”

We skipped on deserts because we were all stuffed but I will be returning and I will be “eating all the pies” so to speak.

I also tried a couple of cocktails (would have been rude not to really!) the Raspberry Collins, and the Mint Julep. Which were both lovely and I did manage to come to my senses and got a picture of the Mint Julep! Here it is;

Mint Julep

So if I haven’t convinced you to try this restaurant yet, why don’t you check out the full menu at their website; 

Or head over to Twitter and take a look at the photos at @BrownsSheffield

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