Between Worlds by Tania Cooper and Ricky Cooper – Spotlight

Between Worlds - Heaven's Scent Book 2


Book 2: Heaven Scent’s Series

Release Date: March 25, 2016

I believed that good would always prevail over Evil; I have been proven wrong. Leaders rule and all must follow if they’re to protect the ones they love.

One simple act, a means to an end, leads to Albion becoming lost in his own personal hell, driven by the force that is Lucifer.

Evil will find a way to walk amongst the Angels, bringing about a catastrophic event that will see Arianwen lose faith in God, causing her to question her place on the side of Good and whether the only way for her and Albion to finally be together, would be for her to give up her Halo and fall into darkness.

With their immortal worlds on the brink of war, they must decide what side their faith lies on, but, not before they seal their fate together forever.


Book 1 Heaven’s Scent: Exclusive to Amazon.





But don’t go anywhere just yet! 

Tania & Ricky Happy Smiling

About Ricky:

Ricky Cooper is a writer with a love affair of the written word, he has from a young age poured his heart and soul into anything he has written, from the first days when he sat and scribbled out a poorly worded, error ridden message on an A2 pad to today where he sits as a published author of several novels in multiple genres and series.

With his co-writer and best friend, he bends logic and myth, weaving world of tragedy and romance, on his own he twists reality and the modern world into a gore ridden and plague infested parody of itself inhabited by cannibalistic psychopaths and hard bitten mentally scarred soldiers bent on giving all to save those they love.

In his down time, he is an avid shooter, Archer and outdoors man and loves art and sculpture. He often spends hours carving and painting anything from characters to furniture “when he’s not writing.”

Ricky is a fervent supporter of LGBT rights and Equal rights for all. He spent most of his young adult life alongside his family working for a UK based HIV and Aids charity, where he spent time aiding people suffering from the often deadly afflictions brought on by the disease.

He lives with his family in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in the UK.

For upcoming works and information on current editions find him on …

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On Amazon (just change the to .com etc) 

About Tania;

Tania Cooper, lives in Australia with her husband and three children; A devoted mother and self-confessed book addict, she has been searching for an outlet for her wild imagination her entire lifetime; the wild worlds of her childhood imaginings leading to an addiction with the written word that captivated her youth and adult life, until, finally, she took her book reading addiction to the ultimate level and finally put pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard) to create her own stories.

Teaming with her co-writer and bestie Ricky, she’s given wings “literally” to characters she never thought would have a home, and created the world of Heaven’s Scent; the dark and sultry world of Angels and Demons that has captivated both their minds.

A star wars geek and avid walker Tania splits her time between her family, writing and walking, often taking time away from the desk to let her mind roam as her feet guide her.

For upcoming books and new releases, or to simply stalk her work, you can find Tania on …





Or email them both at:

Tania & Ricky Tongues Out

Between Worlds Release Day Party

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