Celebrity Culture by Duncan P Bradshaw

Celebrity Culture by Duncan P Bradshaw

I feel like I’ve been on drugs..

This book is so out there, so different and so not mainstream.. whilst managing to somehow be extremely mainstream in it’s subject matter.

Let me explain.

Celebrity Culture is about, well just that! Imagine a world where the aim of the game wasn’t to be thinnest or prettiest, but to be the sickest, the most diseased. Celebrity Culture exposes the ugliness within the Celebrity circuit and indeed the very issues faced by the public who worship them whilst still being a light hearted and very, very, odd story.

The book is based around the Annual Lou Gehrig Awards for the best Celebrity Virologist. The winner will claim the Locked In Syndrome Cup and be mulched down to form their disease for mass distribution. You’ll find yourself in a constant limbo of revulsion and humour throughout this story as Mr Bradshaw takes pleasure in describing everything in detail. You will find yourself wondering if you just read that correctly, if it is really saying that’s what the buildings and décor are made from – and no I won’t be telling you!

The description of the surroundings is brilliant and it puts me in mind of similar scenery to “Repo – A Genetic Opera” where the world is obsessed with surgery and they have an opera as advertising. If you haven’t seen that or read this book yet, do it. There are of course certain aspects of the scenery that are simply, only available in Mr Bradshaw’s imagination so I’m obviously not saying that’s like Repo.

I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend it, but please don’t try to be too sensible about it – you’ll hurt your brain.

The book won’t be for everybody. There will be some people who manage to get upset about it, find it offensive or just plain don’t like the humour. That’s fine, it’s your opinion, but if you’re a little bit sick and twisted and enjoy the gritty things in life, have a look. It’s not an expensive read so it’s worth a try either way 🙂

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