Andrew & Daniel Frankish – Abusers

Andrew & Daniel

I’m posting this to try to draw some more attention to the petition which is currently live for David Cameron to review the sentence these two have received for abuse which they reigned down on their family pet 2 years ago.

The only reason this was brought to the attention of the RSPCA is because a memory card was found with footage on it. I won’t post this footage, it’s easy enough to find if you want to watch it but to be honest it’s only showing what you will have read and seen on still pictures. You don’t need to watch that, it’s horrific.

This is not behaviour that even a toddler would think to carry out after watching wrestling. This is not the behaviour of stable members of the community. These men are sick and require a proper sentence, not a 21 week suspended sentence and then a tag.

The RSPCA have said that this is the most harrowing case of animal cruelty they have seen. They’re not going to stop at one dog, they were enjoying this attack. What other memory cards have not been found yet? What’s to say they’ll stop at animal cruelty? Do we need another Jamie Bulger before the courts take psychotic behaviour seriously?

The petition is here, please sign it, even if you don’t think it will do any good. It will take you literally about a minute and even if it doesn’t change this sentence it might change things for animals in the future;

Sign the Petition!

The petition has reached 394,565 supporters so far and it needs to reach 500,000

Don’t forget these faces.

Andrew & Daniel 2


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