Chocolate by Jack Walker

Chocolate by Jack Walker

was asked to review this book as the author’s first foray into erotic literature. Now, I’m not a huge fan or erotica and I did tell him this, but agreed to review it nevertheless as a neutral party.

I didn’t like it.

It’s not just that it’s erotica but I didn’t really buy the story and a storyline in erotica is a big deal for someone who finds reading about other people having sex really boring. It’s not the first erotic story I’ve read so I know that some can be kind of far fetched but this took the biscuit for me.

I can’t go too far into it without giving the game away and I don’t think it’s fair to spoil it for people who want to read it. I wouldn’t say stay away from the book completely because everyone is looking for something different in a book and just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean nobody will.

My main issue with it is that I don’t buy the storyline but also the spelling isn’t brilliant. It’s something that I’ve come to expect from indie books and actually get very excited now if I don’t find spelling/grammar issues, but still. There were a few instances of “a” or “the” coming before the character’s names and some parts where the word had turned into something else because of a misplaced letter, when I’m not entirely enjoying it anyway this annoys me.

The description in some areas of the book are well thought out but I do feel that the book needed to be put away for a few weeks, re-read and tweaked in certain areas because it almost felt like a children’s book with it’s simplistic style. (Clearly not a children’s book when you know the subject matter of course).

I would like to read more by this author if he can revisit some of the issues I’ve raised as it’s clearly new to him and I’d like to see him grow as an author, unfortunately though, this one is not for me.

If you do want to give it a go you can get the book here

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