The Prior John, Weatherspoons – Bridlington

I will be the first to admit that I turn my nose up at the mention of Weatherspoons. I don’t refuse to eat there, there’s nothing wrong with it, I just wouldn’t choose it when there are so many other options. However, if you want a relatively cheap meal, The Prior John in Bridlington is a good pub to get that.

We went with a friend during our stay in Bridlington and I had a Chilli Burger. Now whilst the chilli was far from spicy, it was full of flavour, the burger moist, and the bread bun soft and fresh. There were plenty of chips and onion rings with it and I was absolutely stuffed. Definitely what you want when you’ve just got off a train!

My partner had the 8oz sirloin steak, he ordered it rare but it came medium, this wasn’t a problem but it would have been nice to have it the way he asked. I think a lot of chefs in pubs are worried to cook a steak properly rare because they feel that it isn’t cooked. Whilst I do understand this, they do ask how you’d like it.

The pie our friend had looked and smelled fantastic, a proper pie, not served in a pot but standing proudly in the middle of the plate, surrounded by chips and peas and served with a miniature gravy boat.

I would definitely visit the Prior John again just based on the food, but they also have real ales at great prices so it will most likely be the place we go straight from the train again next time.

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