Browns Bar & Brasserie – Afternoon Tea Experience


Champagne Tea

My best friend and I decided to treat ourselves to an Afternoon Tea at Browns Bar and Brasserie recently and we very much enjoyed it!

The staff were welcoming and attentive, and having forgotten to mention that we would have a pram with us quickly overcame the situation with the stairs and sat us in the bar area instead. This wasn’t an issue for us because being in the middle of a weekday, and glorious sunshine outside, the area was quiet.

We were quickly given a high chair for the baby, and served with a glass of champagne whilst we waited for our afternoon tea to be prepared.

The tea came out on a lovely looking cake stand which was unfortunately a bit wobbly as somehow one leg seemed to be shorter than the other. I can only imagine this is a design flaw but after having popped my napkin under the leg it was much studier and I stopped worrying about it. Not that having several cakes fall into my mouth would be the worst thing to happen!

So, the afternoon tea consisted of;

Bottom Tier; Smoked Salmon with Chive & Lemon Cream Cheese, Egg and Watercress and Chicken and Avocado sandwiches.

Mid Tier (In order of my personal favourites); Red Velvet Cake, Salted Caramel Profiterole, Lemon and Earl Grey Cake and White Chocolate Pot.

Top Tier: Plain & Fruit Scones (freshly baked and still warm) with Jam and Cream.

We absolutely loved this and it was fantastic for a treat. The only thing I would say, and it’s by no means a criticism but rather personal preference, I would have rathered not have the White Chocolate Pot and have extra sandwiches instead. I felt that the sandwiches were so lovely but they were overshadowed by the amount of sweets. Afterwards I felt like I wanted a sandwich, not because I was hungry but just because they were so delicious and there wasn’t quite enough of them to fully enjoy it.

In short, we loved the experience but wouldn’t want to do it all the time. We would however pop in for a cup of tea and a plate of sandwiches more often but we’re thinking of our waistlines!

Browns Tea

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