Happy Days Guesthouse – Bridlington

Happy Days

We recently spent the weekend in Bridlington on a mission to chill out, and visit some important people in our lives.

Deciding where to stay is never easy in Bridlington, there are so many places you could stay that there really is something for everybody. In the end we decided on Happy Days Guest House. Situated only a few minutes walk from the town centre, Happy Days is all you need for a short stay. They don’t provide breakfast so it is simply a place to rest your head, but it’s beautifully decorated and it’s very clean.

We did not find any dust in our room, and we checked on the top of the four poster bed frame, the top of the TV and the tops of mirrors & canvasses in the room. We were really impressed and whilst the room cannot be described as large, it ‘s just a place to sleep.

We did find some dirt in the bathroom, whilst it was lovely and clean with impressively sparkling tiles and grout, we found that the inside of the shower head holder wasn’t very clean. We also found that the people who stayed in the room previously had had pizza, and pushed the box all the way under the bed! Why would you do that?

We informed the landlord of these two extremely minor issues and also explained that the hotel was still one of the cleanest we’d seen and he took it really well, saying he’d have a look and that we were more than welcome to stay again.

I think we probably will go again because whilst there isn’t a breakfast facility, there is a lounge with a microwave, and not having the option for breakfast meant the opportunity to sample the local cafes.

Our room was room 1, with a kingsize four poster and an ensuite. We spent two nights for just £88.

I would recommend this hotel.

Happy Days Bedroom

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