13 Nights of Horror – The Disappearance of Rose Hillard by Amy Cross

Rose Hillard

I was recommended to read this book by my Fiance because he said compared to Cross’s usual work and indeed many Indies claiming to have something “Extreme” this book made him most uncomfortable.

As usual when someone says that kind of thing to me I headed for Amazon where I was disappointed to find that this book had been removed. Still wanting to read it, I borrowed his kindle. I really enjoyed this book, it has a lot more grit than any other Amy Cross books and I liked the writing style. That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s problems of course.

The book is set in the small town of Vantage where nothing that bad ever happens. Except one case which has been left open for five years – the Rose Hillard case. Rose Hillard was a 17 year old girl who disappeared one night and was never seen again. Or so the townsfolk think…

The imagery is good in this book but not overly described, leaving me a little bit of artistic license to dream up my own surroundings. This is good, authors tend to either not describe enough, or over describe and neither is a good thing. If you’re writing a nasty scene, yes you need to describe it to the best of your ability, but it’s way nastier if the reader has to imagine it. In this book, Amy Cross does a brilliant job of bringing the horror of certain scenes home, yet leaving enough space for you to imagine it. Trust me, my own mind is a far darker place than any page I’ve read so far, so leaving me space to add a bit of extra blood is necessary.

The only problem with the book is that it’s kind of obvious (at least to me) what’s going on and one of the characters seems to know a little bit too much. I can’t really expand on that without spoiling it. There are also the obligatory spelling errors which I’ve unfortunately come to expect of indie books. It’s more surprising to me now when I don’t find errors, which is a shame.

What I love about Amy Cross is that she seems to have a tireless imagination and she seems to put her all into her plots. I haven’t read an Amy Cross book yet that I haven’t enjoyed and she’s always offering books for free as well when they first come out – this tells me she’s in it for the love of writing more than the insatiable thirst for cash which unfortunately isn’t always forth coming.

Amy Cross Books

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