Folk’d by Laurence Donaghy



Folk’d is a story set in Belfast, and is written by a Belfast author. I think this is what makes it so good. As opposed to an author from anywhere else, Donaghy knows the dialect and all of the places, so none of it sounds forced. I was expecting it to be a bit childish and fanciful with it being a Fairy story but it is definitely not for children. There is quite a lot of bad language in it so definitely don’t give it to your kids! They are also not the nice kind of Fairies.

I picked the book up in Belfast’s Forbidden Planet, which by the way is much, much better than ours in Sheffield! Sheffield’s Forbidden Planet just has Marvel and Dr Who. This one had much much more! No doubt helped by the fact the shop is easily double the size but nevertheless, much better. I nearly didn’t buy it as I was concerned about having to get stuff home but figured I was in Belfast and this would be a great souvenir, especially given that it was a signed copy as well.

I am so glad I bought this book, I enjoyed the story immensely and it didn’t take me long to get through it. Each of the characters had their own depth and background, making them interesting and also making you care about what happens to them. There is nothing worse than hating every character and not caring about what happens.

As with all Fairy stories there is the good guy, the bad guy, the knowledgable one and the girl. This however is not just any fairy story. This has some really unexpected twists, it has death, it has love and heartache, friendship and companionship.

It’s also a trilogy, and yes, I will definitely be reading the other books!

Laurence Donaghy is without a doubt one of the best authors out of there for creating realistic characters and down to earth, relatable dialogue.

Awesome books, get them read. You don’t have to like fantasy to like these.

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