Game of Scones by Samantha Tonge

game of scones

Game of Scones is a romance novel about a young woman named Pippa who is living the executive lifestyle in London. Pippa grew up in a fast paced environment but enjoyed holidays in Greece as a child where she had a friend named Niko.

The story follows Pippa and her boyfriend Henrik as they go on holiday and find that they are on opposing sides of a business decision.

I didn’t really get into the whole romance part of this book, however I did very much enjoy the story line of Greek Tourism and the small businesses in traditional villages. The characters were nicely written with deep personalities and many of them were really likeable. There were also characters who you just knew weren’t going to be nice and the author did a really good job of making their traits come out throughout the story.

My only gripe really is that I was enjoying the tourism plot so much that the romantic angle just irritated me a bit. I’m not really a romance person anyway to be honest but some romances I can find myself getting into.

I’d have liked to read more about what happened next when I reached the end of the book, but it was more to follow Pippa’s life and ambitions for longer rather than to see what came of her love life.

I would recommend this book to romance lovers but I’d warn the more tomboyish personalities (like me) then certain areas of the story might bore them a little.

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