Hexad by Matt Hickman and Andrew Lennon


I attended a release party on Facebook for Matt Hickman and managed to win myself a signed copy of Hexad. The book comprises of six short stories, three per author.

These were the first stories which these authors wrote, and they’re in order so as you read the book you’ll notice the writing improve.

Now personally my favourite story of the book is “Fast Food” which is written by Andrew Lennon, this features just one character so it’s kept very simple. I tend to think that simple is good in a short story otherwise you run out pages before your story is told.

I would place these stories in the Thriller genre personally, except for the content of the books I would aim them at young adults because they’re not so scary but they are good for light reading. Of course this is coming from someone who is particularly difficult to scare, my mother would be sleeping with the lights on for weeks, but that said, she thought Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a horror film! The content of the stories, particularly Assembly and Girlfriend, is not for young eyes.

There are some issues with the stories, it could do with a quick glance over and edit, but the stories aren’t bad. I have suggested to the Authors that they give it a bit of a polish and then re-release it so that the errors don’t cast a shadow over an otherwise good collection.

At the back of the book is an excerpt from Bound, the book which the authors began work on after Hickman’s “Stag Night” was completed. You can see the transition throughout the six stories in the book, but certainly the excerpt from Bound shows much more experienced writers and I’m very interested to read that one and see what happens next.

If you’re after some bed time reading (if you jump at your own shadow, buy a night light) or something you can easily pick up and put down when necessary then Hexad might be for you.

Get the book here

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