Family Man by Andrew Lennon, Narrated by Robert P Jellison

Family Man by Andrew Lennon


Family Man is a short story of murder which broaches the subject of extreme, momentary violence. We’ve heard many times in the news that someone has snapped and murdered someone in a sudden rage and say they can’t remember.

In this short story, Andrew Lennon shows us a series of killings carried out by the head of the family.

I did enjoy this book, however I did find his other short story, “Daddy’s Girl” more entertaining. I’d like to have been able to see it more from the perspective of the father. It does touch on the feelings of the killer but I think it would be much harder hitting to really delve into that and focus a little more on one family.

I think I would have preferred this story if it was longer. Perhaps in a full length novel there would have been more opportunity to build the characters and describe the killings in more detail. When I’m reading something like this, I really want to feel like I’m there as a fly on the wall and this book just didn’t quite disturb me enough.

What I will say is that Mr Lennon has added a brilliantly chilling touch to the end of the book, in just one sentence…..

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