But…You’re a Horse by David Bussell

But You're a Horse

I saw this book on social media after the cover sparked a bit of interest amongst my Facebook friends and decided I needed to read it.

The book is good to pass some time on as it is a collection of humorous snippets which can easily be left for another time if you’re having a coffee or commuting to work. It made me smile, but it hasn’t made me laugh out loud.

Personally I feel that the book isn’t really anything you can’t get on Social Media as some of it is actually screenshot style pictures of Facebook threads. There are a couple of mistakes in the book too one of which being my pet hate – The wrong character name!

It’s not meant to be a serious book as you’ve probably noticed from the cover and this purchase in particular is an impulse “judged it by it’s cover” buy, but without meaning to sound like a complete pervert.. I’m almost disappointed that this isn’t some kind of mutant horse erotica novel!

I would look to read more in this vein, but it’s not the kind of book that will have you holding your sides or getting lost in the story.

Grab It!

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