Smoke BBQ – 1 St Paul’s Square, Sheffield.


We’ve been to Smoke a few times now and I feel I’ve tried enough to give it a really good review. I have never been disappointed with a visit to smoke, the first time we went with friends before going to the theatre and we were absolutely stuffed afterwards.

That evening I had the Chilli Cheese Burger which was really nice and I’d say it’s my favourite out of the dishes I’ve tried so far. We also had the jalapeno corn bread as a side order which is served warm with butter and honey.

The portions at Smoke don’t look quite as big as they actually are. We were absolutely stuffed but yet didn’t want to leave anything because it’s so nice.

The following visits included the Turkey Leg Pit Plate and the Pulled Pork and Slaw Burger. These were both really nice but neither topped the Chilli Cheese Burger.

The place itself is very clean, the staff are really friendly and you get a little pot of popcorn on your table whilst you’re ordering.

I have never yet managed to try a desert at Smoke and whilst I’d really like to try one, I’d much rather stuff my face on the main course and miss out on the sweets.

The dishes people had on our visits which I didn’t try but did get a good look at are;

Hot Link Sausage Pit Plate

Beer Mac and Cheese Burger.

They also serve soft drinks, wine, beer, cocktails and milk shakes.

Well worth a visit and really not as expensive as you might think.

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