The Viking’s Apprentice by Kevin McLeod, Narrated by Danielle Cohen.

Vikings Apprentice.png

I recently listened to the Audiobook of The Vikings Apprentice by Kevin McLeod, having already read the book in it’s Kindle format I thought a new review would be a good idea. In part, to give people some insight into whether it’s something they might like to listen to, but also to give comparison between the different formats.

First of all, the Audiobook is nicely put together. The narrator speaks clearly throughout and doesn’t mix up any names or stumble over any of the dialogue. These are very important aspects of audio which don’t always go to plan!

When I read the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I felt that whilst children would love it, it also reached out to an adult audience as well. My only gripe with the audio version is that it feels like a children’s book. It’s still very much all there when it comes to the action a little way through the book but it does sound like Miss Cohen is reading to a group of children. It’s in the tone of voice. That being said. The Viking’s Apprentice IS a children’s book so it’s not really a fair gripe.

Regardless of what I’ve just said, I did enjoy the audio experience. I had already read the book so I knew it was worth continuing with the story and I wasn’t disappointed. The story doesn’t lose anything between being a book or an audio file. I think it’s just that, for me at least, when I read it, it seemed much darker than when Miss Cohen read it to me.

Grab it

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