Sick Bastards by Matt Shaw


I wasn’t particularly desperate to read this book if I’m honest. Matt Shaw books don’t really appeal to me as I prefer a more challenging read usually, and I find the cover art bland and boring. Whilst I don’t tend to judge books by their covers, I think a bit of effort does go somewhere towards the marketing aspect. However, I’ve been asked if I’d review it a few times now (by my readers) so I gave in and tried to start the book with an open mind.

The story is ok at best. It’s supposed to be extreme but it just doesn’t have the shock factor it was bigged up to have. Alright, it has incest in it, but in my opinion the author shot his load on the first page and struggled to put the rest on paper. After introducing all of the “shocking” details within seconds of starting the story, nothing else is particularly shocking and the twists are more like a slight curve in the road.

Fair enough, the original concept of the book came from a joke with a Facebook friend, but the rest of it didn’t have to be. This book is screaming for an edit.

Littered with errors and poor writing, I spent more time re-reading parts of this book than I did concentrating on the story. Sometimes literally, because part of the book is actually repeated throughout as a reminder of what already happened. When I say repeated, I mean word for word.

If you’re only talking about two people, you can say “Father was first through the door” but there’s no need to say “and I was second” – I’d be very surprised if you were third! Also incorrect use of the words to and too really irritates me as a reader. It doesn’t take much to read your work before charging people for it, or even if you don’t want to read it, let someone else proof it for you!

I wouldn’t have such an issue with this book if it didn’t have the issues it does, I’d just put it down to me disliking the book. I’ve pretty much faced the fact that everybody is way too scared to write something truly sick, but at least have pride in what you’ve created. It’s not the story that puts me off reading the material, it’s the quality.

I can’t recommend this book, it’s each to their own if anybody does genuinely like it and the errors don’t bother them but I wouldn’t suggest it for the reasons I’ve mentioned above.

Find the Book Here

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