Birmingham Horror Con – In a Nutshell


So we recently travelled to Birmingham for the HorrorCon down there and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We weren’t quite as interested in the guests at this one as we had been for the Sheffield ones which have featured the likes of Fenella Fielding, Ian McCulloch, Kane Hodder & Doug Bradley, so we focused on the shopping instead.

First up we paid a visit to the book stalls, I knew for a fact that certain authors I’d reviewed before would be there so we did the rounds to see who was about. We managed to find Andrew Lennon and his talented young co-writer Georgia & we also met Rich Hawkins for the first time too. We even managed to find Lex H Jones wandering between the stalls!

There were many amazing merchandise stalls to look at but in particular we bought items from the Custom Cupcake Company and From the Shadows, as well as grabbing books from the authors I’ve mentioned above.


The cakes we bought were to die for! I can definitely recommend the Peanut Butter Brownie which is just heavenly. This stall will even baby sit your cakes whilst you enjoy the con!


This is our little worm friend along with the books and purse I purchased at the event! I almost bought a Graboid too but I was low on funds by then.

We had a fantastic day, made even better by getting to chat to Tony Moran in the queue first thing in the morning. We also caught up with the lovely Mr Markzilla who was in attendance selling his fantastic sketches.

Unfortunately we don’t have a never ending source of money so we had to be sensible but there were many, many other brilliant stands I’d have loved to buy from and I can’t wait to attend the next Horror Con which is in Sheffield this May.

Sadly we won’t be attending the October con in Birmingham as we will be otherwise disposed but it’s going to be fabulous featuring guests, so if this has wet your taste buds don’t miss it!

Links below to Swansea, Birmingham and Sheffield Horror Cons;




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