The Faculty (1998) Movie Review



Happy Halloween! It’s that wonderful time of year once again where ghouls and goblins are at large, the air is fresh and the leaves are crisp. I am aware I’ve been gone for some time, there will be reviews to follow explaining my absence but in the meantime.. here is my Halloween Special.. The Faculty…


The Faculty

This Halloween I wanted to do a little time travel, so we’re back in the good old 90’s!

So we’re talking about The Faculty, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring some familiar faces such as Elijah Wood, Josh Harnett, Usher, Clea DuVall, Robert Patrick and many more.

I actually hadn’t seen this film until very recently and I have a huge appreciation for it, older films just have a charm that newer films don’t. The nice thing about this film is that the effects are used more sparingly and they are done well. I’ve seen some new films which don’t use the effects properly and end up looking worse for it.

The suspense in this film is good whilst maintaining a consistent pace and the acting is believable with none of the actors going over the top in their role, a good mix of talent is fantastic for a film because no matter what your story is like, the actors can make or break it.

The film is set in a School called Herrington High and centres around a group of students who notice that things are not quite right with the teachers after one of the students finds a new species in the school field. As the film progresses and more and more people are affected the story closes in around a small group of students who work out how to fight back.

With an estimated budget of $15,000,000 the film grossed $40,064,955 in the USA in May 1999 and still holds it’s own against newer films.

I would definitely recommend this film if you’re looking for a fun film with a spooky story line.

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