Wedding Review!


Ok, I’m going to put the whole of the reviews for the wedding down in one day, because I get that not everybody wants to hear about it, and don’t worry! I’m not doing a full, blow by blow description of the whole thing. If you want to know things you’re welcome to ask me in the comments, twitter or facebook but I just wanted to review some key parts which I was really super happy with and really made my day.

So I’ll be covering the following;

The Venues – Kenwood Hall Hotel & Abbeydale Sports Club

The Dress – Celebrating Curves Bridal

The Flowers – PaperDoll

The Cake – Cake and Caboodle

Thank you to all of my readers for being so understanding while the reviews haven’t been flowing. Planning a wedding just seems to soak up all of your spare time.

The Venues


Our day time venue was Kenwood Hall Hotel, which is located in Netheredge, Sheffield. The tree lined streets really set the scene as you approach the Hotel and we chose to have our ceremony in The Terrace Room which overlooks the gardens.

It’s a beautiful room with wide door ways and a high ceiling which is decorated and lots of windows for natural light. The only problem we really had, which wasn’t a big one, was that there are a lot of mirrors in the room so it can be a struggle in terms of Photography not to get reflections.

The Gardens are a beautiful place for Wedding Photos and we had some done of just the two of us around the lake which were just wonderful.

The staff at Kenwood Hall are brilliant, they didn’t actually offer an Afternoon Tea on the literature but I asked for it and that’s what we got. They also prepared a wonderful vegan option for my sister which looked really nice although I was too busy tucking in to my smoked salmon and cakes to bother about how hers tasted! We were really well looked after throughout the whole day and we really enjoyed ourselves. I would absolutely recommend it for Weddings.

Kenwood Hall Hotel Site


Our night time venue was the Abbeydale Sports Club which came to £955 for the room and food for 100 guests. The staff were fantastic, they helped us get the room set up and they were really pleasant throughout the evening. Ours was a pretty simple set up as we decorated it ourselves between the daytime and the evening events but if you wanted it more dressed up it would be easily done. We actually didn’t have 100 turn up but the room can hold £120 and there was plenty of space for the kids to run around – and if anybody had wanted to, plenty of room to dance. The venue allowed our Cake provider to come early and set up the cake for us too with no issues about what time they could come which just made it really stress free. I would really recommend them for any celebration.
Call: 0114 236 7011

Both of the venues have disabled access.

Celebrating Curves Bridal

Curves Mission

The Dress, now the dress came from the first Bridal Shop I visited and I wasn’t 100% sure at first that I should go for the first one I liked but I did love it so that was that – nice and simple. I had tried on seven dresses and none of them had the wow factor for me. Each time I came out of the changing room my mum said “that’s nice” and I said “but”.. then Jane suggested a dress we had over looked. It was nothing like I expected to choose, no sleeves, sparkly.. I said “Well I’ll try it on but I don’t like it”. I felt, like a princess in that dress. When I walked out of the changing room my Mum burst into tears. So that was the dress.

Jane is a wonderfully welcoming person and her shop is fantastic! Sparkles everywhere and she doesn’t rush you. Celebrating Curves is a plus size bridal shop, but you don’t have to be plus size to go there. I actually lost a lot of weight since my first appointment to the day I got married and she has had small size customers come to her. The best thing about Celebrating Curves is that no matter what your body type is, you’re going to be able to try on the dresses (if you’re too small she has clamps!), Jane will not rush you to make a descision at all and is more than happy to let you try one on twice if you’re unsure. She also serves tea and biscuits!

Everything about my dress shopping experience was perfect and not only did I get my dress and veil from her, I also got my jewellery from her.


Celebrating Curves Bridal (Facebook)

The Flowers


My flowers, the battle of the flowers for weddings is really not something which interests me. I had already seen my friend’s bridesmaid flowers which were artificial and I was thinking “do I really need real flowers?” So for £200 I had all of my wedding flowers handmade by the wonderful Becca at PaperDoll. They were perfect, exactly what I wanted and as long as they didn’t get wet there was nothing to go wrong. I love my bouquet, and it’s a lasting souvenir of the day.

If real flowers aren’t a massively big deal for you, go for paper, it’s so pretty and looks awesome.


Paper Doll Boutique UK (Facebook)

The Cake


I found a new favourite bakery in my hunt for a Wedding Cake. So many places want to charge the earth. I was actually quoted £500 for a plain white two tier sponge cake.

Then I found Cake and Caboodle, I will admit, I lied. I said I was looking for a birthday cake because I was so sick of such huge price tags. Anyway, needless to say, they worked it out and set up the perfect wedding cake for me. It was a beautiful four tierheart shaped sponge cake, complete with sugared violets and purple ribbon. In the mean time I ordered some birthday cakes and I have never been disappointed with them. The prices are more than fair, my wedding cake was £200 as they wanted to build their wedding cake portfolio and everybody got a proper slice of cake. (by that I mean, not the little 2 inch pieces you usually get given at weddings)

wedding cake

Cake and Caboodle (Facebook)

My Day was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t swap any of these things, I was so happy with it all and I would recommend all of these suppliers!

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