The Haunted Vagina

Haunted Vagina

The Haunted Vagina is quite possibly the strangest book I’ve ever read, and that’s kind of saying something when I read horror by Nicholas Tillemans.

Definitely not for young readers, this story is based around a couple and their adventure surrounding a hidden world, accessible through Stacy’s vagina. However an exploration and discovery mission soon turns hostile and Steve finds himself trapped in a strange world.

It’s an easy to read short story, easily finished in a couple of hours or easy to pick up in small chunks if you’re pushed for time. I completed this within a weekend whilst having other tasks to complete. It doesn’t take a huge amount of concentration and the plot isn’t complex. Yet, despite those things it’s a really refreshing, enjoyable story.

I really like the imagery involved in this book, the author has forged a world which you can really see in your mind’s eye and I love the way everything is described to you, not too in depth but enough so you feel like you’re there exploring with the characters.

I would thoroughly recommend this book, though it isn’t for the easily offended!

Grab it!

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