The Burger Garden – Abbeydale Road, Sheffield

Buger garden


So today we tried a Vegan Burger Emporium which opened in my city, it was originally called Burger Lols and it had this bright pink sign, which just never appealed to me. Then I noticed that the sign had changed and it was now Burger Garden with a picture of a cute little burger, this appealed to me a lot more. I never really noticed the appeal of signs before but it makes it look a lot more upmarket than it did.

Inside it’s brightly coloured and very clean, it’s quite welcoming and comfortable. Everything on the menu is 100% vegan so if you do have dietary needs, you don’t need to worry, it even says at the bottom of the menu to advise of any allergies when you order. It’s cash only though, so make sure to take some money or you’ll find yourself hot footing it to the nearest cash point!

So, we all had the Seitan Burger which is on their menu as “Beef”, I hate when people make their foods sound like meats personally because I want to know what I’m eating, the other options are Beetroot or “Chicken” so I’m unsure entirely what exactly the chicken is, but the option is there.


Pictured, left to right is first of all my Husband’s burger which was the Cali Burger, topped with cheese, avocado and salad, My Hawaiian Burger which was a seitan patty topped with gherkins, grilled peppers, “pulled pork” (which is bbq jackfruit) and grilled pineapple and on the right is my sister’s Hawaiian Burger with topped fries. It was really nice, but and this is the exact reason I hate when vegan food is given meat names, if you are a meat eater, it’s going to be a really very different texture to what the namesakes are.

Starting with the Seitan “Beef” Burger, this is really nice, but it can leave a strong kind of salty after taste when you’re eating it and it’s a soft texture so whilst it’s moist and everything, it kind of crumbles when you eat it.

Next the Bbq Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” again, really tasty, would 100% eat again but a very soft texture, if I was to compare it to any meat product I would probably say it’s like the fatty parts where there’s still flavour but it’s soft and squishy.

The veggies on the burger were lovely, can’t complain about anything with those (obviously) the pineapple was a nice touch and the grilled pineapple really finished it off nicely.

My sister’s fries, which I tried, were lovely, these were topped with Mac and Cheese, Onions and “Bacon” and I really can’t fault the mac and cheese, it’s cheesy and creamy and just really naughty tasting. The plain fries are seasoned with paprika and there’s several different toppings to choose from for the fries.

It doesn’t stop at burgers, there’s also Seitan BBQ Ribs, Curry, tacos.. the choice is yours. Drinks include shakes, freak shakes, tea, coffee or something out the fridge and you can add things like corn on the cob to your meal if you want to.

I can’t fault my visit today, I will definitely go back, but next time I’ll be trying the ribs or a hot dog so stay tuned!

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