The Clubhouse – London Road, Sheffield.


The venue

The Clubhouse is one of Sheffield’s hidden gems, a sports bar situated on London Road. One thing you’re sure to find is a fantastic selection of real ale and good, freshly made foods, but for me the thing that makes The Clubhouse so memorable is the staff.

I’ve visited this pub on more than one occasion but I realised it’s never featured on the blog, so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

Over the years the Owner and Staff of The Clubhouse have worked hard to improve the venue’s reputation and it has really paid off. The menu is varied with a great choice of food available and you’ll be hard pushed not to find something you’d like to drink from the bar – As evidenced by Luke here and his many pints!

Luke with beers

They also do well when serving large parties as all of the food comes at once, depending of course on how large your party is! You can also book areas of the pub if you’re wanting a party and there are plenty of screens if you want to watch the sports.

The first time I ate at The Clubhouse was for a Christmas Party and we all had burgers, this was mine, the Chorizo and Manchego Burger with Homemade Chips;


Chorizo and Manchego Burger £8.50

We had a great time and there was a warm and friendly atmosphere all night. The staff simply couldn’t do enough for us and we felt truly looked after.

So of course, when I had friends visiting from various locations, it was a no brainer to take them all to this pub for a real taste of Sheffield hospitality. We were able to kick back, relax and have fun.

Teacup matt

Matthew enjoying a cup of tea after the meal

We all had the Clubhouse Platter, now I enjoyed this, but the only thing I would say is that I found the lattice fries a little bit hard for my taste, and the onion rings slightly oily on this occasion. That could just be my taste because, rather helpfully, we all had the platter and it got rave reviews from the others! You can also get these in Gluten Free, which one of my friends tried and can vouch for the quality of. Here is the platter, I did pinch the photo from Tripadvisor for this as I tucked in too quickly and forgot to photograph! (sorry! credit to the photographer);


Clubhouse Platter (£11.50)

One of my friends even said it was one of the best burgers he’s had in his life and he had flown all the way from Romania to be with us! Solid win on the venue then!

In short it’s a great pub, it’s clean, friendly and it has a real personal touch. Superb hospitality, thank you very much Clubhouse for another fabulous evening!

Me and hollie

Me with Staff member Hollie who made our night unforgettable


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