Meat Free for Hospiscare



This month my Husband and I have gone Meat Free for Hospiscare! We’re big foodies and love to eat out, as well as being enthusiastic meat eaters so this month has been a good challenge and also a chance to try out some veggie alternatives.

I thought about what we’ve done and tried and some of my meat free friends’ reactions to me recommending good alternatives, and I thought maybe some of my readers would like to know what we’ve discovered.

So, why exactly am I fundraising for Hospiscare? Well, back in July this year I was very sick with Gastroenteritis, following my recovery I passed some blood and discharge very unexpectedly. I got myself a Dr’s appointment and after an examination they thought they may have felt a lump in my back passage. I referred to a specialist and had a hospital visit where thankfully following another examination they ruled out cancer.

Not everybody is that lucky. I’ve known many people who have battled Cancer, some who were lucky, and some who unfortunately lost their battle and I know how valuable this kind of resource can be not just to the person who is in treatment, but also to their loved ones.

So far we’ve raised £182.10 which is 36% of our £500 target. I would love to be able to get as close as possible to our target so if you are able to please do donate to this very valuable cause!

Donate here!

So, without further ado! Some of my favourite meals so far;

Veggie Kitchen – Available at Farm Foods


Veggie Kitchen Chicken poppers taste pretty much the same as Popcorn Chicken and the texture isn’t far off. These tasty poppers go nicely with chips and corn for a southern fried treat and we also used them in a Chinese Curry sauce. The Meatballs were good too, we prepared these with pasta and a homemade sauce featuring roasted pumpkin. Whilst these are not particularly meaty they are quite tasty and would work in many dishes, they have a stuffing-type flavour and texture to them.

The range also includes sausages, mince and burgers which we haven’t actually tried. Whilst the name suggests a vegetarian meat alternative, the range is actually suitable for both veggies and vegans.

No Bull – Available at Iceland


Ok so this is a bit of a cheat because the Jalapeno Burgers and the No Chick Fillets are still in the freezer waiting to be eaten, BUT  I have served the plain no bull burgers to my Husband and Sister before and they are delicious. Speaking as a meat eater I think you could easily fool someone with this burger, it’s got a nice texture and it’s even a little pink in the middle. This is the best burger alternative I’ve had and I have high hopes for the rest of the range. I’m very much looking forward to trying more of this.

This range is also suitable for Veggie and Vegan consumers.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratins – Iceland


Iceland’s veggie range is getting to be pretty good, we tried the gratins last night and I will definitely buy them again these are not vegan friendly but look out for the plant based freezer for more vegan options!

We’ve also tried a few veggie options when eating out lately, and can report than the Robin Hood – Ember Inns and Hardy Pick – Hungry Horse have some delicious dishes suitable for both veggies and vegans so get yourselves over there for a yummy treat! We can recommend Ember Inns for a tasty Cauliflower Curry or the Hardy Pick for a Falafal Burger topped with a warming salsa.

Thanks again if you’ve donated to the cause and please do let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of post.


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