Alt Studio – Photo Shoot Experience

I recently won a free makeover and photo shoot at Alt Studio via their Facebook advert. I had the option to take someone with me so I invited my Step mum Jackie to come along with me.

Simon (the photographer) and Molly (the make up artist) were absolutely lovely, it’s difficult not to feel at ease with them. When we arrived Simon showed us the wardrobe that was available and invited us to choose, he picked out a few dresses for me and I just went with his choices, not because I don’t love vintage dresses, but because there were so many and they were all beautiful.

Now, anybody that knows me knows I’m a low maintenance kind of girl, I don’t wear make up most of the time, and if I do happen to, I tend to make myself up very naturally. Having arrived and got sat in front of the make up artist it suddenly hit me I had no idea at all what I had in store. She asked how I’d like my makeup and hair and I realised I had absolutely no idea! So I gave her free reign to transform me how she saw fit. Well, I did not recognise the girl sat in front of me when she was done, she did the full shebang! Eyelashes, back combed hair, the works. I was pretty impressed.

Next, I slipped into some dresses that photographer Simon had chosen and away we went. Before I knew it I was pulling poses in the studio and running back and forth to put new dresses on. I absolutely loved it. Normally I’m quite self conscious but during this experience I transformed into someone else. It felt great and the dresses were beautiful.

Towards the end of our pin up shoot, Simon let me try some Film Noir so I pulled on the dress he liked and Molly adjusted my hair for me. Well, if I felt great doing Pin Up, I felt even better doing Film Noir. We did lots of poses with different props and when I was sitting in the dressing room after my shoot I could hear lots of frivolity coming from the next room while Jackie had hers. It sounded like she had a blast and once it was all done we went off for lunch while Simon sat through all the pictures compiling a slideshow so that we could choose.

I’m going to say this next part in case anybody else is like me, this is nothing against the photos, the make up or the shoot itself, but as I sat going over my photos I felt really overwhelmed. I was highly critical of all the photographs and only bought two (largely because of a lack of available funds to buy more) but anxiety overtook the fantastic feeling of the shoot, and having come down from that I actually wish I had basked in it a bit more. If you’re like me, don’t worry about seeing your photos, take a deep breath and see yourself how you felt doing it. When you come away, and you calm down, you’ll wish you bought more. I myself am hoping to be able to afford at least one more picture over the next few months.

Jackie on the other hand loved all my photos and she chose a photo I had said I didn’t like, so she’s actually bought one of us both as well as three of her own. Shocker – the photo is much nicer than I gave it credit for on the day.

As luck would have it, I had my grandma’s birthday party to attend that night so I was already made up ready to go when I got back. Of course, I was a bit glam for jeans and a jumper so I ran upstairs and threw my own vintage dress on to match the hairdo. Everyone loved the look and now I’ve got to work out how to do it myself – heh..

Would I go again? Absolutely! I felt like a Movie Star, if I could go just for the shoot and to play dress up I would in a heartbeat, even if I didn’t get to see the photos after. Everybody is going to hair their own favourite part, mine was being posed and wearing pretty dresses, Jackie’s was the pay off of the photos at the end. It’s just one of those things. Expect to be tired by the end of the day, Simon will put you through your paces!

These are the two photos I chose from my shoot;

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