The Other Side of The Mirror by Lex H Jones

Lex H JOnes Other Side of The Mirror


Up and coming author Lex H Jones has now released his second full length novel, this story comes to life over 344 pages.

Noting a Sin City-esque vibe, I embarked on the journey to follow the life of Detective Carl Duggan, opening into an investigation of a young girl found in the river affectionately named “Styx” it becomes clear that this is the norm for The City.

I couldn’t help but hear Bruce Willis narrating this one, the grittiness of the city, the way characters were introduced, he’d definitely have to be cast in some way were this made into a film.

The imagery in this book is astounding, you can’t help but visualise each scene and the characters are brought to life in a way not that many authors seem to be able to achieve. Each and every character in this book has a story, a reason for being, Jones gives us artistic license to imagine but outlines things just so much that it makes that imagination flow. Often, either not enough, or too much is given to description but this book seems to effortlessly dictate each scene to a degree that you’re almost watching the events unfold.

My favourite character in this book is Duggan, the way he’s portrayed, the things he does and the reasons he does them. Action meets a softer, almost romantic side as he picks his way through a bleak, despondent existence, married to his job trying to right wrongs and make something out of his world.

Next is Pope, a more faithful character who I imagine to always be calm and collected, this character has an interesting backstory and becomes involved in the core workings of the story.

And we can’t forget Jimmy, the light in the story, innocent, yet somehow wise.

I won’t tell you any more, there are many more characters in this book and they will all connect with people differently. You need to make up your own mind but these are the three I connected with the most.

This book is one of the best I’ve read in a while and I am absolutely recommending it to anybody, it will suit the reader who prefers Noir Fiction, there’s a very Film Noir element in this and it is fundamental to the imagery used. It will also suit anybody who likes Crime Thrillers or Detective Stories. Be aware there is a twist, things may not be quite as they seem..

All that said the book is not without fault, but that wouldn’t stop me from reading it again, nor did it detract in any way from the story. Any errors found have been reported to the Author, as always and will be dealt with.

An absolute must read, a roller coaster of a story that will keep you turning pages until you hit the end of the book! If you can manage to put it down you’ll be making excuses to pick it back up.

Check it out.

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