Bronco’s Rodeo, Sheffield – The Revisit!


So you may remember my review of Bronco’s Rodeo from last year when it opened. Having been so looking forward to it we hurried along and tried it out only to vow never to return?

Well it’s time to eat humble pie.

Yes, you heard me, we went back. Why? I hear you ask. Well! We saw an advert for a doughnut burger and deep fried snickers and ever after that we were curious.

Unfortunately, we did not see said burger on the menu, but we did try out a few other things.

For starters, you can get small plates at £4 a dish, or 3 for £10. So as there were three of us this time, we opted for the three for £10.

We sampled two kinds of chicken wings; Hendo’s Glaze – what true Sheffielder would not try this?? And we also tried the Buffalo ones. Our third dish of choice was brisket burnt ends served with salad, horseradish mayo and warm bread.


My only gripe with the bunt ends is that they’re not, they’re chunks of (very nicely cooked) brisket. This isn’t a problem, it’s just not quite what you expect. Especially if you’ve ever been somewhere like Smoke Barbeque.

All of the starters were beautifully cooked and I would recommend any of those, although I think my favourite was the Buffalo Wings.

For Mains, two of us opted for the Angry Bucking Bronco Burger which is a spicy chicken option served in a Black Bun – yes, a BLACK BUN, and our third was the American Burger which was far more impressive than I expected it to be.

Again all of these were great, the portion size had vastly improved since our last visit, everything tasted fresher and there were no errors from menu to plate. You’ll also remember the coleslaw issue I raised last visit where I had to ask four different people whether it was made fresh because it tasted shop bought. I am pleased to report that this time the coleslaw not only tasted fresh but was delicious!

Highly impressed with this return visit and we have talked about going back for more. I had to re-review this because it’s not fair to leave a scathing review out there if they’ve improved and I have to say; this bar has improved tenfold. The service, the food, everything was so much better.

A huge hand for the staff who were pleasant, helpful and welcoming!

Also, if you visit, try the Thunder Toffee-Vodka with Coke. It’s lovely.

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