The Balance by Kev Harrison

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The Balance is a story with a strong moral to it, set in rural Poland, in a small village. Natalia, our main character is a 16 year old girl helping her mother with the housework, errands and upbringing of her young brother – as many girls from these rural villages do, in the absence of a Father.

One day whilst Natalia is supposed to be watching her Brother he falls victim to an accident and breaks his leg. Medical help proves not to be too effective, as drugs are difficult to come by, but Natalia finds another way.

Kev Harrison takes us through the effects of judgement on another who is not like you, why you should always think before doing, and why you should always be careful with that which you do not understand.

This story is tamer than many I’ve read but holds a far stronger message, one that we can use in our day to day lives, and it is told in such a way that you can’t help but get sucked into it.

This was another story which I more or less inhaled, the imagery drew me into the Polish woods until I could have been following Natalia and Kuba through the woods myself. The Characters are well rounded and the story flows naturally.

It is evident, if you’ve ever been to Poland, that this author has experience of the location he has chosen, which is think is part of why it works so well. The story explores witchcraft and the occult in an extremely natural way, and it really tips the scales in terms of what we think is right.

Each time I read Kev Harrison’s work I’m more and more intrigued by what he’s going to come up with next, I’d definitely recommend it. I found The Balance to be an easy read to relax with, which is interesting given the content of the book. If you can bring across a story like this in a way that not only grips your reader but forces them to sit back, relax and allow the story to unfurl at it’s own pace, you’re onto something.

Check it out! I think anybody could enjoy this, and if you’re not that keen on horror, it should be tame enough for you too.

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